Guns 4 Hire v1.4 Game APK + SD Data Files

Guns 4 Hire


  • KILLER CREW! Combine the brutal combat skills of L.T., Faraday, Burns and Boomer: from heavy artillery to high explosives! 
  • AUTOMATED GUN TURRETS! Deploy anywhere to rain 360 degrees of armour-piercing pain! 
  • ANTI-PERSONNEL MINES! Throw down instant minefields to disrupt enemy attack! 
  • AIR STRIKES! Call in death from above for total devastation! 
  • DIVIDE AND CONQUER! Use squad tactics and single touch control to deal devastation to the insurgents! 
  • SUIT UP! Equip armoured apparel and head gear to boost damage resistance and kill in style! 
  • LOCK AND LOAD! Use the spoils of war to upgrade your handguns, flame throwers, miniguns and rocket launchers of ! 
  • WARFARE! Subdue your enemies in explosive missions of bullet-riddled carnage!

Guns 4 Hire Game

Guns 4 Hire Apk

For Android 2.3 and up

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